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Year Crush

It's been a day and a half since we said bye, you wished me a happy life, all I could think of was,"I'll see you again." It had been a year since I last saw you, you weren't supposed to be there this past week, yet there you were.

I bet so many women come in and meet you on that job, falling into a crush mode as I did, did I look foolish, I think I must've. You never wrote me back, we talked about it, I wouldn't have if you hadn't brought it up first. I was happy in my thinking that you never received it.

I hate rejection, I mentally know it's best to get it over with, but I didn't like hearing that you'd received it and felt funny about my email. I didn't flirt in it, it was a simple hello, would u like to take my hand in friendship. Huh, you told me this time about crossing work boundaries, then we shared other than work stuff, I was confused as to where the line was still.

Your blue eyes make me nervous when I feel vulnerable, so deeply penetrating, you have a girlfriend. Ugh, I wonder how long, did you last year, we flirted in the cabin, I almost kissed you. Ugh, not kewl, I hope not since last year, I ask how long, we get interrupted. I'm left wondering.

I miss you, can't get you out of my thoughts, I video tapped you, helps. The thought of not seeing or talking to you again is hard. Yet, if you were my partner, I wouldn't want a crush around being friends with my lady. I wouldn't think that was a strong relationship between you and I if you did keep the crush friend around.

I like your morals, values and how you conduct yourself when away from your partner, I think it's how you'd be with me, huh...the honor, loving respect, it is All good, just wish she were me.

Thanks for a great week Willow.

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Los Angeles

Must gush about this to someone

So who better than an L Word community?

I just met Sarah Shahi!! She was at the Grove today in LA doing an Extra interview with Mario Lopez! She was so nice and posed with me for a pic even though she was being rushed away by someone :)

Life complete :D
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Well, hi. New to the community!

So... anybody care to tell me why there are NO RATING COMMUNITIES? I would totally love to be rated as someone.

... and I would love to rp as one of the characters. I hate when good fandoms start to die.
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