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This community is dedicated to anything and everything related to the Showtime show The L Word.

The Rules:

PLEASE DON'T POST HUNTING FOR EPISODES. This includes, full youtube eps, torrents, etc.

1. Play nice. Posts that contain information about the CURRENT SEASON MUST BE UNDER AN LJ CUT to prevent spoiling.. We want to let everyone have time to download the episode or watch it on Tivo before they hear all the latest drama.

2. Don't post non-lword related quizzes. IF an L word quiz is posted, please put your results in a comment. Other posts containing the quiz will be deleted.

3. No promotion of other communities not related to the l word.

4. If you have icons to post, post them to lwordicons. icon posts in this community will be deleted.

5. Have a big semi-naked picture of Shane you want to share? Feel free to post it, just put it under an lj cut! That also includes colorbars, ljcut please. Don't know what an LJ cut is? Go here.

6. Feel free to post and quickly introduce yourself... but DON'T POST PICS OF YOURSELF. I am sure there are 80 million communities that will rate if you are hot or not, but this isn't one of them. If you have pictures of the cast, see rule #5.

7. This ISN'T A DOWNLOAD COMMUNITY. We discuss The L Word. I know it sucks to not have Showtime [I don't have cable either.] But please post your uploads and torrents elsewhere. And please don't write posts hunting for an episode. There are communities on LJ to download TV shows. but not this one.

8. Please, DO NOT e-mail us asking to make you a Maintainer.


The background used in this community can be found at The L Word Online along with many others!

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